S I E N   H A R P E R 
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Professionally, I am versatile.

I am skilled in website design, graphic design, video editing, and providing digital branding solutions for enterprises and entrepreneur(click to learn more). I also organize island adventures and excursions in Jamaica (click to learn more). My passion projects involve facilitating charitable and media-related social programs; particularly programs geared towards invoking societal change in marginalized peoples (click to learn more). Lastly, my current interests are in real estate development: specifically the creation of communities that are eco-sustainable and affordable.

Personally, I have the freedom of an imaginative mind.

For leisure, I enjoy traveling, being on the water, and dedicating time and resources to philanthropic efforts. Nothing makes me happier than delicious food and a heartfelt conversation. Speaking of the heart, I am a networker at my core, so feel free to contact me for collaboration opportunities or business proposals.

& I would love to help inspire your next big idea.

Educational Background

University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Criminology and Forensic Psychology
Mental Health & Addictions

Previous Work, Collaborations, and/or Sponsors
Hi, my name is Sien; pronounced "C-N".
Welcome to the
Behind the Scenes
of Life's Journey.


It's a whole lot of authenticity. A whole lot of joy. A bit of crazy.
A bit of heartbreak. A whole lot of love.
She's been through 
some THINGS,
but so has everybody else.